Marketing & Promotion

Marketing & Promotion

Due to our long history  in the market , ALABED totally knows how to promote and how to make a demand for the product .

Marketing is managed and supervised by a scientific office which is responsible for achieving targets.

Generally , ALABED is following three marketing strategies :

1-   Regular visits to doctors by our medical representatives . Using all available and possible ways and materials , medical reps job is to promote the products to doctors and specialists in order to have our product prescribed for patients. ALABED is visiting  a big number of doctors with their different classes and majors all over Yemen. ALABED targets vary from doctors, public hospitals , private hospitals , medical centers and others.

2-   Holding and organizing medical conferences, seminars , workshops and meetings. Starting from  small workshops in hospitals to big conferences by hosting Yemeni or foreign Lecturers with coordination with the company which we represent.

3-     Sponsoring medical campaigns and activities and related academic events.

During the past history , ALABED had a good relation with doctors and all people in Health sector who are considered the factor of priority in marketing.

We have an appropriate number of medical reps divided in our branches . Each group of medical reps in one branch has a team leader and all teams in the branches are managed by the scientific office in the head office.