Distribution & Sales

To make our products available everywhere in every pharmacy is the rule which we followed in our distribution for more than 20 years. Starting gradually growing , ALABED now has 10 distribution centers in the main cities and a big fleet of vehicles . This  big distribution network guarantees a strong and fast spread to the entire Yemen market . ALABED network is covering 17 cities out of 22 cities in Yemen and our products are available in more than 5000 pharmacies out of around 8000 pharmacies in Yemen knowing that Yemen population is around 23 millions people



ALABED distribution network consist of 8 branches and 2 subagents in the main cities as follows :

1-      Sana’a city ( branch )

2-      Taiz city (branch)

3-      Aden city (branch)

4-      Hodeidah city (branch)

5-      Mukalla city ( branch)

6-      Ibb city (branch )

7-      Dhamar city (branch)

8-      Amran city (branch)

9-      Marib city ( subagent appointed by ALABED )

10-   Hajjah city ( subagent appointed by ALABED )

Each branch also covers other small cities and towns near from the area. Detailed network is explained in the map below.